Sara Ho

I am currently an Assitant Acquisitions and Development Editor (Health Sciences) at BioMed Central.

I completed my PhD in Neuroscience with Professor Michael Häusser at the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research (WIBR) of University College London (UCL). My research was aimed to understand how interneurons in the cerebellar cortex process sensory information and their roles in motor coordination. 

Previously, I was enrolled in the MSc (Neuroscience) programme at University of Oxford. I did two rotation research projects: (i) a modeling study in orientation tuning dynamics in V1 (with Dr Wyeth Bair), and (ii) an in vivo study of interneurons in the mouse barrel cortex (with Drs Ole Paulsen and Louise Upton).

I was also the Treasurer of UCL Enterprise Society (2008 - 2009), a MET volunteer with the Metropolitan Police  (2011 - 2014) and a first-aider with St John Ambulance  (2008 - 2015).

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